Triumph engine mouting plates '63-'70 style frame

I produce these tiny engine plates. they come in handy when you don't need all the footpeg mount and other holes in the stock plates. For unit engines pre- oil in frame application left an right shifter.
No ugly straight lines like others on the market.
Nice raw steel finish as pictured, a minimal amount of filing or sanding is needed for chroming or powdercoat. They are exactly the same thickness as stock plates so you can use the propper stock size mounting hardware.

High grade stainless or alloy can also be ordered contact me for pricing and delivery time.

Delivery to the US is about a week normally.

Triumph 650 unit engine with Gecko Kustoms engine mounting platesThe steel ones are €20,- contact me if you need a set. The are also up on Ebay

I have the other more common chopped style Triumph motor mounts too. Those are not copys of other makes they are made from my own design an do not have as much straight lines as others on the market, these look much nicer.

If you are looking for a different design, left side shifting engines or thicker plates let me know, I probably can make them for you.


Mini on the left, chopped on the right (for right side shifting engines).


Chopped plates

I can also make original style triumph motor mounts.