Every now an then I will put up parts for sale here. Sometimes I make too many, or I bought stuff that I decide not to use after all.

I am doing some fuel tanks for practice, if they're done and I dont use them....etc. If you want to buy something please consider I am in the Netherlands, so payment, shipping, customs and all that are things to think about. I do accept Paypal so there is the channel for you to do safe and insured buisiness.

I you really need to haggle you can allways try.

Triumph engine mouting plates '63-'70 style frame

I produce these tiny engine plates. they come in handy when you don't need all the footpeg mount and other holes in the stock plates. For unit engines pre- oil in frame application left an right shifter.
No ugly straight lines like others on the market.
Nice raw steel finish as pictured, a minimal amount of filing or sanding is needed for chroming or powdercoat. They are exactly the same thickness as stock plates so you can use the propper stock size mounting hardware.

High grade stainless or alloy can also be ordered contact me for pricing and delivery time.

Delivery to the US is about a week normally.

Triumph 650 unit engine with Gecko Kustoms engine mounting platesThe steel ones are €20,- contact me if you need a set. The are also up on Ebay

I have the other more common chopped style Triumph motor mounts too. Those are not copys of other makes they are made from my own design an do not have as much straight lines as others on the market, these look much nicer.

If you are looking for a different design, left side shifting engines or thicker plates let me know, I probably can make them for you.

Machinehead gas tank


Back up for sale

This is a part photographic / part airbrushed 1931 Boris Karloff as Frankensteins monster on a freaky Frank flip flopping frigging pearljob.

Price: 460,- € with the gascap.

Aproximate insured shipping Europe: 39,- € outside Europe: 65,-€. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a shipping quote.

This tank can appear completly black, or in sunlight, black and eerie green with pearl scallops and hand drawn swirls and blotches. Depending on the angle an amount of light that hits the tank it looks different everytime.

It is very hard to photograph and see the true effect I tried a lot of different lighting conditions, click on the gallery image below for more pix..

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Triumph 750 Alloy barrel (not for sale anymore)

Click the image for more pictures

Cast alloy 750 cylinder 9 bolt barrel with steel sleeves. Bore 75.53 mm.

It has been used but clearly not much. The walls had a slight hone after it was used so it looks completley new.
It is in absolute new condition!!

Price 400, -€ or best offer.

Click this gallery image to see more:

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Handmade tank caps

I make these tank caps on order only, specify what kind of fitting you want, HD screw in or bajonet, Triumph gascap or oilcap .


Comes with a brand new innards. 50,-€

For British or other sizes ask for the price. If you have an obscure size I can make one to fit if you send me the cap you have. 

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LED Blinkers

I have been asked more than a few times if I have my signature Gecko Kustoms blinkers for sale or if I can make a few. The answer is no, they take a lot of time to make and that would make them crazy expensive. I also can't imagine them being street legal, they do work though. If you have a lathe they are very easy to make, pop me a message and Ill spill the secret. I still have a few loose Hi-po Jumbo LEDs lying around, if you need them I might be able to help. No blinkers is considered badass by the way, it's 'awdskewl' I hear.

Barn fresh Harley hummer taillight -SOLD-

Technicay not a barn find but a garage find. This beautifull original 1950's Harley hummer taillight is up for sale, price 120,-€. Send me an email if you need it.

It is in very nice original shape, with all the glass lenses intact.

Harley hummer taillight


Shockwave -SOLD-

This modified sporty tank is for sale, contact me if you are interested.

X_IGP7763    XX_IGP7762

Loads more and biggger pictures in the gallery



MC2 SU Carb -SOLD-

Triumph MC2 SUI am selling my rare (?) MC2 SU.

It needs overhauling with gakets and a new needle, bushings seem fine. I have not run it. It comes with a (I suspect 650) PU manifold. The manifold does not fit unit 650's but the carb does.

Looking for somewhere in the range of €175.00.

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