The shopWell Gecko Kustoms is not an established brand, or is it? I designed the logo when a friend requested to include my mark on his paintjob. When someone offered me to print a few t-shirts It all started to look like a real enterprise.

When I built Silver Frankentriumph things were slow but the year before generated enough funds to get me through the winter and build a cool bike from an old rustbucket. That bike took me about 1000 hours to build, if anyone is willing to pay me for parts and that many hours to get a bike or parts made of equal quality, Gecko Kustoms is up for it...
I do the odd job for others every now and then, some welding, some lathework and paint, but only if I have the time and there is no rush.

I also produce some parts in small numbers.

I use the Gecko-Kustoms website to show my work to the world hoping to inspire others and maybe build my name a bit.