Crooked mule

This bike is for sale!

Earlier on in this blog I told you about my new Suzuki GS 750 project, well that was three years ago...

IMG 2762XXI started on it as a low budget project, well that turned out different. I was gong to fix it up quick and sell it on. It was cheap and has special construction papers, that last thing means a lot more is possible legaly than on a bike with normal papers over here in the Netherlands. It still has to meet normal requirements but wheelbase and a few other things are a bit looser.

The whole low budget easy fix idea went out the window when I find out that there was a lot more wrong with the bike than I thought. I like to try new things when I build for myself, that makes it a bit more of a challenge an I come out smarter in the end.

DSCF7360I decided to learn how to weld stainless, I got a simple TIG welder and tried to make my own exhausts. When I had one side tacked in place and went on to make the other side, I found out that the engine was misaligned in the frame, then I found out that the rear axle was not straight. Damn.

By that time I decided to go all in, skip the cheap and easy route an do what was needed to make this a good bike. I am still goint to sell it, a bike coming from my shop can not be crooked like that.

After that the bike kicked me in face more than one time all the stuff that was wrong with it, unbelieveable.... I should never have bought it, not even with the special papers.

Hence the name Crooked Mule, As you can see I went all out on this one lots of asymmetrical stuff. The oportunity to go all crazy on this was was a blast.

I had a proper photo shoot and it will end up in some mags, I also took it to the Scandinavian Motorshow where it won some prizes.

Without making the stroy longer than it allready is here is a list of mods and fixes and some pics.


Axle plates
Engine mounts
A lot of welds.
Triple trees
Steering head bearings
Different engine

Mods an handmade stuff

Footpeg mounts
Rear brake mc
Remote front brake mc
Gas tank
Shortend fork
Fork covers
Wheels (laced and trued, first time for me)
All spacers
Rear light
Electrical box in the engine cover
Rear fender
License plate mount
Mercury 4 cil outboard magneto
Battery tray
LED taillight

Floris Velthuis did a whopping great job on a photoshoot, I'll share more pictures once the mags are published. He also did a bit of video stay tuned for that.  gecko2

Making the forks


Setting up the magneto

IMG 2037

Making the tank


IMG 2596 - versie 2

IMG 2597

IMG 2763 - versie 2

At the Scandinavian Motor Show

IMG 2959

IMG 2975

Collecting a prize for best engine

IMG 3345

Two of those are for croocked mule... neat eh?
IMG 3364

Video after tune up: