How to paint a café racer

_IGP9235A few weeks back I was asked how much it is to paint a logo on the tank of this café bike. A question like that provokes the standard answer "Depends on what kind of paint and design you want, can you send me some pictures of the bike? What are your ideas?"

I have seen this glorious cafe build before on some internet forum. A hotrodded sporty engine with bits cut off relocated oil filter, battery behind the seat, full custom hand built frame with a asymmetrical mono shock on a hand made swing arm. Half Ducati, half sportster. Wild!

The before pic

The owner (I call him Kruisje) has his own machine shop and makes a living from metal work and his industrial size powerdercoat line. He powdercoated the frame gold and painted the tins grey and decided it was not good enough for this build. Normally he paints his bikes black but this needed someting special, this café is to be entered in a big national show and will probably get a magazine feature.

He tried and then decided he failed, that's when he contacted me, with four-five weeks to spare. A price was agreed upon for a full custompaint job, I made a design and mailed Kruisje a few paint samples. A lot of communication back and forth was needed to convince Kruisje of the quality and direction I had in mind.

The first design concept a bit more orange than we ended up with

The black pearl pigment I was gonna use in the black scalops in the paint was also to be used in the powdercoat to make it a whole, just a subtle touch that gives it some extra class. A lot of experimenting and failure with the powdercoat drove us crazy but finally Kruisje got it just right, I think he barbecued, blasted and recoated that frame and swingarm four times, after he took the gold off! Damn.. 
Most won't notice that pearl but it's there and it works. Worth the extra effort? Maybe not but we are stubborn folk.

And wow....did that bike come together..... Just right!







Specs for the painters:

Base: HOK BC-02 Orion Silver

HOK  black misted with black pearl in HOK SG100
HOK B-C12 Zenith gold
Candy: Alsa blood red mixed with chrome yellow candy concentrates in HOK SG100 to mix a dark orange, misted with orange pearl in SG100.

It changes color from a maroon in low light to a dark orange candy with subtle brighter orange pearl highlights.

Masks for the logo were cut from Artool Ultra mask with a plotter.

Weapons of choice:
Sata minijet 0,8 nozzle
Iwata revolution