New project!

newjunkAfter a pretty busy year in the non motorcycle related department, it's time for a new project. I've been looking around for a while but nothing much came up. A heads up on the Hartail Maniac forum led me to this unfinished GS 750 chop with 'custom built' motorcycle papers. The quality of the build so far is nice but I'll probably tear it apart and make it my own.

This time I plan on taking a bit more time than on my Triump build. I never expected ending up with a Suzuki but hey what the fuck if Bratstyle is cool why not have a go at it myself?


Here is a sketch based on the original, but I am really not sure if I am going this way, shortening the forks that much has some big consequences. Maybe this will be the gooseneck that I allways wanted, maybe not. Jury's still out on that....

Anyway I'm back in business!