bobbersWhat is a bobber? Nearly every bike I see lateley with a solo seat, red powdercoated rims and whitewalls is called a bobber. That's wrong, so wrong..
The term bobber refers to a bob haircut. The original bobbers were functional road bikes that had their fenders 'bobbed' shorter and removed to lose weight every unneccesary part was removed to make the bike faster.

This knuck in the picture on the left comes close to what an original peroid correct bobber is.

My silver Triumph is not a bobber, it is based on early 1960's short dragracers, only mine is full fendered.. Call it a custom call it a racer whatever but never a bobber. I don't want my bikes named after a girls haircut.

Check the angry face on the bobber guy, he must have raced that Vincent and lost.