iPad motorcycle GPS navigation

steve-jobs-puts-bmw-_460x0wMotorcycling wit an Ipad it's here!
I got my iPad a few days back, it's nice. Apple is trying to change the way the web works through marketing this device. I think they might succeed. This thing can do about everything (well nearly) that you can imagine, but some things are easier on a conventional computer. It is a new platform, it's not a phone and it is not a pc, and it is not trying to be. When I saw touchscreen pc's like this a few years back on CeBit I knew they could get big but there was no software for it. I could not imagine it would get this big though.

I downloaded the CoPilot live GPS navigation app and it works, how cool is that? I have a MQP backpack with a detachable plastic map compartiment that I can strap on to my tankbag for my Trident.. I am suiting up now to try it (it rains), more later.

Update: Well it works... And it works great!! CoPilot live rules! First impression is flawless. 

I did not hook up audio to my ear that is something I still have to try. Without audio it works fine the display is big and one look down tells you what to do in what distance. Latency is even a bit less than on my old car Tomtom nav. Take  a wrong turn and a new route is calculated very quick. It shows where the speed cameras are and shows you at what speed to pass them and what your own speed is.

It did not get wet in the map bag but I didn't see much rain though. The only problem I have is with the glare from the bag. Where the bag reflects the sky it's hard to see what's going on, I am a bit above the bag with my body and in my own reflection can see the map and the instructions very well. Something I will try to fix. I also still have to figure out how and where to get maps and see what all the controls are.

Touchscreen operation works with my leather gloves on when it's on the bike! My wintergloves do not work.

The BIG screen very nice..

The nasty glare on the map bag..

What I see..(looks much worse than in real life)

The quickly detachable map bag, it stuck on at higwayspeed and above..