Ron Finch

Some bike builders are renowned for thinking outside the box, Ron does not even know there is a box...

When I was a kid Ron's Triumph Trident powerd trike was on a poster in my room so a huge influence. Not so much Rons' bikes but his paint jobs are what realy got under my skin back then. Portrayed as a half demented freak in a biker buildoff a few years back made me pretty angry. Ron was and still is a genius, his style may be from another planet and not understood by everyone but he did not deserve that...

Ron still has that Trident trike..

Video 'nother video

Here it is, the Trilogy trike. "What was he thinking?" you might say.

3's that's what he was thinking, 3 Fenders on every rear wheel, 3 holes in the 'backbone' triple trees and a fork shaped like 3's. And this thing runs and goes. Look at the trail and rake, this thing was made to ride. I bet those trumpets ar really LOUD.

I figure I had that poster around 1978, was that the seed that made me grow up to ride a Trident today?