Ed Roth

When I was a little kid I had posters on my wall with cars and trikes that Ed built. This formed much of my easthetics at an early age, when I picked up the airbrush for the first time when I was fifteen the posters were still up. The megacycle (a bike hauling car)  was on one of those posters, is has recently been restored and sold, on the back it had a Triumph custom motorcyle that was not buit by Ed though but by a Larry Howard.

I must have seen that bike nearly every day for ten or more years up there on that wall. At that time I wanted to be a custom car builder like Ed.

This is the incarnation of Captain Pepi's Motorcycle & Zeppelin Repair like it was on the poster when the bike was blue:

Here it is when Fritz Schenk restored it in 2009:

Orbitron video

Mysterion video