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A lot of my inspiration comes from these people and the coolness of this stuff.

Most of this content comes from the web you can use it at will but the accuracy of the info is not guaranteed.
If you see antyhing wrong with it let me know. All pics are stolen.

George Barris

What can you say this guy built the original Batmobile, he has been a custom car builder since the 1940's and he is still at it.  Barris put the 'K' in kustoms. According to himself he fooled with the spelling and came up with a 'K' instead of a 'C' to spell custom, and thereby establishing the Barris' phrase 'Kustom Car'.

Where is Von Dutch?

Although having been a fine mechanic and the inventor of modern pinstriping Kenneth Howard was a racist that hated everyone but himself. When his daughters sold his name and his logo they were probably happy that the grumpy old git finally put some money in the bank for them. He was a legendary mechanic and pinstriper, (not a designer clothes brand). I rant..
I cannot deny the influences but Von Dutch is uncool but what the heck here he is anyway.....

Here's to grumpy old farts building cool stuff in their sheds.

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